Fe-Based Amorphous Metal Ribbon

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Fe-Based Amorphous Metal Ribbon

The model of our Fe-based amorphous metal ribbon is FeSiB which is equal to American model of 2605-S2, and other models are also available according to customer's requirements. Our product has some excellent features such as low loss, low coercivity, low exciting current, high saturation magnetic flux density, high magnetic permeability, good temperature stability, economical price, etc. Based on these advantages, it is used to produce cores for different kinds of transformers including pulse type, AC/DC type, distribution type, non-air-gap type, and it is also applicable for constant conducting inductor and power factor correction (PFC).

Physical Properties

Saturation Magnetic Flux Density Bs (T)1.56
Curie Temperature Tc (℃)410
Crystallization Temperature Tx (℃)550
Density ρ (g/cm3)7.3
Resistivity (μΩ·cm)130
Saturation Magnetostriction Coefficient λs27×10-6
Continuous Working Temperature (℃)-55~130

Our Fe-based amorphous metal ribbon has strong magnetism, and its permeability, exciting current and core loss are better than silicon steel. In particular, the core loss is only 1/3~1/5 of grain oriented silicon steel, and the core loss can be cut down by 60%~70% if it is used as the distribution transformer core instead of silicon steel. This product has good temperature stability, and it can work continuously at the temperature range of -55℃ ~130℃. In addition, it can keep its magnetism if the temperature is not over 410℃. This ribbon is about 0.03mm thick, and it is widely used as the cores of low and medium frequency transformers. It is also suitable for electric reactor, high power inductor, etc.

As a specialized Fe-based amorphous metal ribbon manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide permalloy strip of magnetic core, high power transformer core, electricity meter current transformer, and toroidal transformer core, among others.

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