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Current Transformer Core

Nanocrystalline core can be used as current transformer core. The following diagram shows the testing results of our product. Additionally, V-A testing method is applied, and f=50Hz while N1=N2=1.

Technical Parameters

Size (mm)
Input Current (mA) Output Voltage (mV)
Φ14/19×6.5 50 1.50
Φ13.2/21.5×10 50 4.50
Φ16/26×10 50 4.50
Φ18/28×15 100 9.00
Φ40/50×10 100 2.50
Φ90/130×25 140 55.00
Φ90/130×50 140 110.00
Φ85/125×20 480 45.00
Φ85/125×30 480 67.00
Φ200/260×20 500 15.50
Φ280/485×20 200 4.20
Φ510/590×35 598 12.00

We can supply nanocrystalline core which is suitable for current transformer. As the important high voltage equipment in electric power system, current transformer is widely applied in relay protection, condition monitoring and power measurement, etc. It features low cost, easy installation and reliable performance, and it is used to convert high primary current into reduced secondary current. It consists of closed core and windings, and the core is an important device for loading magnetic flux and fixing stator winding. Our product has some excellent properties, such as low price, low core loss, high magnetic permeability, high squareness ratio and good temperature stability. As a result, this current transformer core is widely accepted by the customers.

As a China-based current transformer core manufacturer and supplier, our company also offers high power transformer core, toroidal transformer core, amorphous metal ribbon, and Split Core Current Transformer , among others.

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