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Amorphous Metal Ribbon

The model of amorphous metal ribbon is FeCuNbSiB which is equal to international model of 1K107. Our product has ultra fine grain structure with grain size of 10mm~20mm. In addition, it has low core loss, good stability, and high initial permeability as well as high saturation flux density. This product is suitable to work as cores for other equipment, such as Hall sensor, spike suppressor, protection switch, magnetic amplifier, switching power supply, precision current transformer, precision potential transformer, common mode and differential mode inductor, and high power medium frequency transformer.

Physical Properties

Saturation Magnetic Flux Density Bs (T)1.25
Density ρ (g/cm3)7.25
Curie Temperature Tc (℃)570
Crystallization Temperature Tx (℃)510
Vickers Hardness Hv (kg/mm2)880
Saturation Magnetostriction Coefficient λs2.7×10-4
Resistivity (μΩ·cm)130
Stacking Factor (%)75
Continuous Working Temperature (℃)-50~150

Electromagnetic Properties (no field annealed)

Model HX-NC
Initial Magnetic Permeability μi (Gs/Oe) ≥8×104
Max. Magnetic Permeability μm (Gs/Oe) 60×104
Coercivity Hc (A/m) <1.6
Remanence Br (T) 0.6~0.7
Core Loss P (W/kg) 20kHz / 0.5T <25
50kHz / 0.3T <30
100kHz / 0.3T <150


Model Width of Ribbon (mm) Thickness of Ribbon (μm)
HX-NC-003.2 3.2±0.2 30±5
HX-NC-004.5 4.5±0.2
HX-NC-005.0 5.0±0.2
HX-NC-006.5 6.5±0.3
HX-NC-008.0 8.0±0.3
HX-NC-0010 10.0±0.5
HX-NC-0012 12.0±0.5
HX-NC-0015 15.0±0.5
HX-NC-0020 20.0±0.5
HX-NC-0025 25.0±0.5
HX-NC-0030 30.0±0.5
HX-NC-0035 35.0±0.5
HX-NC-0040 40.0±0.5

Note: Ribbons of other specifications (2mm~50mm) are custom made.

Fe-based nanocrystalline alloy is a new material used for common mode inductor core, and it has some unique advantages when compared with traditional ferrite material. Our amorphous metal ribbon has saturation magnetic flux density of 1.25T which is 2 times higher than ferrite, and it is very suitable for conditions with big current and strong interference. The initial permeability is much higher than ferrite, so the common mode inductor owns big impedance and insertion loss under low magnetic field. As a result, excellent suppression effect to weak interference is achieved. The processing technique for this ribbon is very flexible, and diverse frequency characteristics can be realized by adjusting the technique. Our product is able to take the place of silicon steel, and works as the power frequency distribution transformer core.

We are a China-based amorphous metal ribbon manufacturer and supplier. In addition to amorphous metal, we also offer silicon steel core, amorphous / nanocrystalline core, transformer, and more.

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