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Metal Core of Electronic Transformer

Electronic transformer is usually made of soft magnetic ferrite now, and the uniformity of ferrite produced in China is not very good. So, ferrite is mainly imported from other countries, but some disadvantages occur, such as high price, large volume and big temperature rise, etc. On the other hand, our metal core of electronic transformer differs from the traditional product. It is made of nanocrystalline core via special annealing technique, and the volume is reduced greatly. Its performance is superior to ferrite in many aspects, and it is the perfect product for electronic transformer manufacturers.


Model Size (mm) Applicable Power Application
HX-NC Φ14/19×6.5 60W Electronic transformer
HX-NC Φ15.5/21.5×9 80W
HX-NC Φ15/23×6.5 105W
HX-NC Φ19/26×10 150W
HX-NC Φ16/26×10 210W
HX-NC Φ20/33×10 300W
HX-NC Φ34/43×15 500W

Electromagnetic Properties

Model HX-NC
Initial Magnetic Permeability μi (Gs/Oe) 8×104
Coercivity Hc (A/m) 1.0
Curie Temperature Tc (℃) 570
Saturation Magnetic Flux Density Bs (T) 1.25
Core Loss P (W/kg) 20kHz / 0.5T <20
50kHz / 0.3T <30

Electronic transformer is composed of core and winding, and we can supply metal core of electronic transformer with different specifications. Our product gains outstanding comprehensive magnetic properties, and it has low core loss as well as high permeability. The saturation magnetic flux density is as high as 1.25T, and it can keep stable magnetic property if the temperature isn't over 570℃ which means good temperature stability is obtained. This metal core combines the advantages of silicon steel, permalloy and ferrite together, and is becoming the optimum choice for inverter transformer, especially for high frequency big power main transformer.

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