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This permalloy strip of magnetic core corresponds to 1J85 and 1J79 (PC-Ni-Fe) series. It has low core loss, high stability and high magnetic flux density, and the permeability under weak magnetic field is also very high. In addition, the production process for non-standard product is very convenient, and our product is usually used as the zero phase current transformer core and magnetic core of protection switch.

Physical and Electromagnetic Properties

Saturation Magnetic Flux Density Bs (T)0.75
Initial Magnetic Permeability μi (Gs/Oe)6×104
Max. Magnetic Permeability μm (Gs/Oe)45×104
Coercivity Hc (A/m)<2.3
Saturation Magnetostriction Coefficient λs<2×10-6
Curie Temperature Tc (℃)400
Stacking Factor (%)90

Performance Tested by V-A Method (f=50Hz, N1=N2=1)

Size (mm)
Input Current (mA) Output Voltage (mV) Size (mm)
Input Current (mA) Output Voltage (mV)
Φ14/19×6.5 50 ≥1.3 Φ14/19×8 10 ≥0.17
Φ10.5/14.5×5 50 ≥0.5 Φ16/21×10 10 ≥0.21
Φ13/17.8×5 50 ≥0.8 Φ14/20×10 10 ≥0.2
Φ9.6/13.5×10 20 ≥0.4 Φ8/12×5 50 ≥0.5

Note: We can manufacture cores with other specifications according to customer's requirements.

Permalloy is Fe-Ni alloy with Ni content range of 30%~90%, and it is a kind of widely used soft magnetic alloy. It has a face centered cubic structure, and the outstanding plasticity allows it to be made into ultra thin strip with thickness of 1μm or other shapes. Permalloy is often processed into sheet or strip, and it is adopted by relay, small-sized transformer and other products that work under weak or medium magnetic field. Now, we can supply permalloy strip of 1J79 and 1J85, etc. 1J79 has good combination property which makes it suitable for common mode inductor core, current transformer core and high frequency low voltage transformer. On the other hand, 1J85 is suitable for common mode inductor, precision current transformer and weak signal low/high frequency input and output transformer, etc.

As an experienced permalloy strip of magnetic core manufacturer and supplier in China, Huaxin offers a broad range of products, including Split Core Current Transformer , magnetic core of protection switch, rectangular transformer core, and more.

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