Cobalt-Based Amorphous Ribbon

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Cobalt-Based Amorphous Ribbon

The model of cobalt-based amorphous ribbon is CoNiFeSiB which corresponds to American model of 2714A. It has high permeability, small coercivity and ultra low core loss, and the magnetostriction coefficient is almost zero. Meanwhile, it is insensitive to mechanical stress. Our product can work under severe conditions for a long time, and the stability and reliability of equipment are improved greatly which make it extremely suitable for military products. This amorphous ribbon can be used as the magnetic label of anti-theft systems in supermarket and bookstore, and it is also applicable as the core of many products, such as transducer, magnetic amplifier, electric reactor, output filter, storage inductor, magnetic shielding, spike suppressor, constant conducting transformer, high frequency switching power supply, common mode and differential mode inductor and others.

Physical Properties

Model HX-AM3
Saturation Magnetic Flux Density Bs (T) 0.55
Curie Temperature Tc (℃) 320
Crystallization Temperature Tx (℃) 510
Saturation Magnetostriction Coefficient λs ~0
Vickers Hardness Hv (kg/mm2) 960
Density ρ (g/cm3) 7.8
Resistivity (Ωμ·cm) 130

Electromagnetic Properties (longitudinal magnetic field annealed)

Model HX-AM3
Initial Magnetic Permeability μi (Gs/Oe) ≥8×104
Max. Magnetic Permeability μm (Gs/Oe) ≥30×104
Saturation Magnetic Flux Density Bs (T) 0.55
Coercivity Hc (A/m) <2.2
Remanence Br (T) >0.5
Core Loss P (W/kg) 20kHz / 0.5T <35
100kHz / 0.2T <85


Model Width of Ribbon (mm) Thickness of Ribbon (μm)
HX-AM3-003.2 3.2±0.2 30±5
HX-AM3-004.5 4.5±0.2
HX-AM3-005.0 5.0±0.2
HX-AM3-006.5 6.5±0.3
HX-AM3-008.0 8.0±0.3
HX-AM3-0010 10.0±0.5
HX-AM3-0012 12.0±0.5
HX-AM3-0015 15.0±0.5
HX-AM3-0020 20.0±0.5
HX-AM3-0025 25.0±0.5
HX-AM3-0030 30.0±0.5
HX-AM3-0035 35.0±0.5
HX-AM3-0040 40.0±0.5

Note: Ribbons of other specifications (2mm~50mm) are custom made.

Cobalt-based amorphous alloy can acquire desired thickness easily, and it is the perfect material for ultrathin laminated core and magnetic switch components. It contains Co, so it is quite expensive. Our cobalt-based amorphous ribbon has good shock resistance and corrosion resistance, and it can be used to manufacture different types of transducers instead of permalloy and ferrite. The alloy has high resistivity, and the ribbon reacts very fast to driving signal which is meaningful for the fast response transducers. The saturation magnetostriction coefficient of the alloy is almost 0, and this alloy is the ideal material for high sensitivity magnetic sensor.

As a professional cobalt-based amorphous ribbon manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides Fe-based amorphous metal ribbon, precision micro current transformer, current transformer core, R-shaped iron transformer core, and much more.

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