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0.23, 0.27 and other cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheets are imported from Japan, and XCD and CD cores are produced by us through winding and annealing techniques. These magnetic cores are suitable for transformer, electric reactor, choking coil and others. In addition, we can manufacture products with different specifications according to customer's requirements.

XCD and CD Cores

Silicon steel is a kind of soft magnetic materials, and it is often used to produce transformer, motor, relay and magnetic pole head, etc. Compared with hot rolled type, the cold rolled silicon steel strip of magnetic core possesses higher dimensional precision, smoother surface, bigger stacking factor and better uniformity of thickness. Meanwhile, it has higher saturation magnetic flux density, and if it is used to make motor or transformer instead of hot rolled type, the weight and volume can be cut down by 0%~25%. The cold rolled silicon steel is divided into two categories, grain-oriented and non grain-oriented. The oriented strip shows better properties, and the power consumption of transformer can be reduced as much as 45%~50% if it takes the place of hot rolled or low-grade cold rolled products. In addition, it also guarantees the more reliable performance of transformer.

Our company is a specialized cold rolled silicon steel strip of magnetic core manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer amorphous metal ribbon, high frequency current transformer, magnetic core of protection switch, and more.

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