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Switching Power Supply Magnetic Core

Now, we can supply switching power supply magnetic core. The product is made of Fe-based nanocrystalline and Co-based amorphous metal, and different annealing techniques are applied to guarantee the high squareness ratio, high magnetic permeability and other features. Our product is widely used in ATX switching power supply of computer, and cores with specifications of Φ8/12×4.5mm andΦ8/12×3mm are adopted to manufacture high frequency low power magnetic amplifier. In addition to the magnetic amplifier and switching power supply, our product is also applicable in many other fields, such as control transformer, direct current transformer, power transformers for inverter and UPS, etc.

Electromagnetic Properties of Cores

Model Max. Magnetic Permeability μm Coercivity Hc (A/m) Squareness Ratio Br/Bs Saturation Magnetic Flux Density Bs (T)
f=50~120kHz Square Wave
HX-NC >250,000 <24 >90% >1.25
HX-AM3 >350,000 <22 >95% >0.6
Model Material Saturation Magnetostriction Coefficient λs Density ρ (g/cm3) Stacking Factor (%)
HX-NC FeCuNbSiB 2.7×10-6 7.25 ~75
HX-AM3 CoNiFeSiB ~0 7.8 ~75

Technical Parameters of Nanocrystalline Core

Model Size (mm) Average Magnetic Path Length L (cm) Effective Cross Section Area Se (cm2) Weight
W (g)
HX-NC Φ6/10×4.5 2.51 0.063 1.1
Φ8/12×3 3.14 0.042 0.9
Φ8/12×4.5 3.14 0.063 1.4
Φ10/14×6.5 3.76 0.091 2.5
Φ12/16×4.5 4.39 0.063 2.0
Φ14/19×6.5 5.18 0.113 4.2

Technical Parameters of Co-Based Amorphous Core

Model Size (mm) Average Magnetic Path Length L (cm) Effective Cross Section Area Se (cm2) Weight
W (g)
HX-AM3 Φ6/10×4.5 2.51 0.068 1.3
HX-AM3 Φ8/12×3 3.14 0.045 1.1
HX-AM3 Φ8/12×4.5 3.14 0.068 1.6
HX-AM3 Φ10/14×6.5 3.76 0.098 2.8
HX-AM3 Φ12/16×4.5 4.39 0.068 2.2
HX-AM3 Φ14/19×6.5 5.18 0.122 4.7

Performance of Switching Power Supply Core

Material Bs (T) Low Br Middle Br High Br
Br/Bs P (W/kg) Br/Bs P (W/kg) Br/Bs P (W/kg)
Fe-Based Amorphous 1.55 ≤0.2 400Hz/1.2T
≈0.6 400Hz/1.2T
≤0.9 400Hz/1.2T
Co-Based Amorphous 0.65 ≤0.2 100Hz/0.2T
≈0.6 100Hz/0.2T
≤0.9 100Hz/0.2T
Nanocrystalline 1.25 ≤0.2 100Hz/0.3T
≈0.6 100Hz/0.3T
≤0.9 100Hz/0.3T

Note: Parameters above are just for your reference, and can't be taken as the acceptance standard.

Switching power supply can realize the voltage change, adjustable output voltage and automatic voltage regulation, and it is an indispensable power supply in the electronic information industry. As a result, the switching power supply magnetic core is in great demand, and we can provide such products with various specifications. Fe-based nanocrystalline and Co-based amorphous alloy have different advantages. The Fe-based nanocrystalline has lower effective permeability and higher saturation flux density, and the price is lower. On the other hand, the Co-based amorphous alloy possesses lower core loss and higher permeability, and its price is relatively higher. Our products are very reliable, and customers can choose the one suitable for the practical application. Welcome to contact us, and our staff will provide professional consulting service.

As a specialized switching power supply magnetic core manufacturer and supplier in China, Huaxin also offers metal core of electronic transformer, 660V power distribution current transformer, amorphous metal ribbon, and toroidal transformer core, among others.

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