ISDN Core (Integrated Services Digital Network)

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ISDN Core (Integrated Services Digital Network)

Toroidal core is adopted by the integrated services digital network (ISDN), and we can provide our customers with this ISDN core. It is made of soft magnetic materials including nanocrystalline and amorphous alloy which possess high permeability, good frequency response, and outstanding DC magnetic bias resistance. Our product features small volume and low loss.


Model Size AL(μH) Frequency f
DC×N (Ampere Turn)
Without IDC Bias Current With IDC Bias Current
HX-AM3 Φ3/6×3 >20 >15 10kHz / 50mA
HX-AM3 Φ6/10×4.5 >15 >10 20 kHz / 65mA
HX-AM3 Φ8/12×4.5 >20 >12 20kHz / 145mA
HX-AM3 Φ6/10×3 >20 >10 20kHz / 120mA
HX-NC Φ8/12×4.5 >20 >6 20kHz / 40mA

1. Testing condition: 10kHz, 50mA, 1 turn.
2. Other specifications are available upon customer's request.


Model Initial Permeability 10kHz μi (Gs/Oe) Saturation Magnetic Flux Density Bs (T) Coercivity Hc (A/m)
HX-AM3 10×104 0.55 2.20
HX-NC 6×104 1.25 1.60

ISDN core is applied to ISDN equipment, such as signal transformer, common mode choke, harmonic filter, etc. Our product has many outstanding features. The high initial permeability can improve the device sensitivity greatly, and the low loss enhances the device efficiency. Meanwhile, the excellent frequency characteristic guarantees the ideal frequency response and the anti signal distortion function. The continuous working temperature range is -55℃~130℃, and our product is insensitive to stress. This ISDN core passes strict tests and the performance is quite stable, so it is the perfect product for customers.

As a China-based ISDN core (integrated services digital network) manufacturer and supplier, we provide not only amorphous / nanocrystalline core, but also amorphous metal, transformer, silicon steel core, and more.

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