Iron Based Amorphous Strip

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Iron Based Amorphous Strip

Model: Alloy ribbon, FeSiB equal to American model 2605-S2.

The iron based amorphous strip, also known as Fe-based amorphous alloy ribbon, offers features of high saturated magnetic induction density, high permeability, low coercive force and low iron loss, low exciting current, excellent temperature stability and reasonable price, etc.

The iron based amorphous strip is widely used in iron core for distribution transformer, mid frequency power supply, constant induction, PTC (power factor correction) and no-gap inductance, pulse transformer, and AC/DC mutual induction and so on.

Typical Parameter of Iron Based Amorphous Strip

Model Saturated Magnetic Induction Bs(T) Density ρ
Curie Temperature Tc() Crystallization Temperature Tx() Saturated Magnetostrictive Coefficient λs Resistivity Ωµ.cm Occupation Efficiency (%) Continuously Working Temperature
HX-AM1 1.56 7.3 410 470 27×10 -6 130 78 -55~130

Specifications of Iron Based Amorphous Strip

Model Width of Ribbon (mm) Thickness of Ribbon (um)
HX-NC-003.2 3.2±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-004.5 4.5±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-005.0 5.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-006.5 6.5±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-008.0 8.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-0010 10.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-0012 12.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-0015 15.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-0020 20.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-0025 25.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-0030 30.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-0035 35.0±0.2 28±5
HX-NC-0040 40.0±0.2 28±5

Other specification of the iron based amorphous strip may be ordered according to the requirements of the client (2~80mm).

As a major iron based amorphous strip manufacturer based in China, we also supply iron based nanocrystalline strip, energy meter current transformer, common mode inductor iron core, amorphous C core, and much more.

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