Toroidal Transformer Core

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Toroidal Transformer Core

Toroidal transformer core is made of cold rolled silicon steel through tight winding process. Compared with standard laminated power transformer, transformer with this core allows quieter and more efficient operation, and the stray magnetic field generated is also less. Our product is made of cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel imported from Japan including 0.1, 0.23, 0.27, 0.35, etc., and it features light weight, small volume, low core loss, high permeability and low magnetic leakage. It also gains excellent isolation property which allows safe operation under special condition. During the production of common mode inductor, cores in other shapes must be used in pair while toroidal core can be applied individually which means that the effective permeability of our product is higher. This product can be integrated with other equipment easily, and it is suitable for transformer, mutual inductor, electric reactor, choking coil, etc. In addition, different specifications are available upon customer's request.

As a professional toroidal transformer core manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer transformer iron core with air gap, current transformer core, micro voltage-alternating potential transformer, permalloy strip of magnetic core, among others.

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