Transformer Iron Core with Air Gap

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Transformer Iron Core with Air Gap

The transformer iron core with air gap is applied to prevent magnetic saturation during working, cut down magnetic permeability, and control electric quantity. Japanese cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel including 0.1, 0.23, 0.27, 0.35 and others is used to make our product by winding process, and these materials own high flux density. Vacuum annealing or continuous tunnel kiln annealing in inert gas atmosphere is applied, and epoxy insulation varnish with high viscosity is used for the purpose of drying. Finally, air gap is obtained through linear cutting or grinding wheel cutting. As a result, the remanence is eliminated effectively, and the saturation magnetic flux density is also enhanced. In addition, the air gap size is custom made, and the minimum value is 0.2mm. This iron core allows safe and reliable performance, and it is suitable for ballast transformer and others. In addition, we can supply various specifications according to customer's requirement.

As a China-based transformer iron core with air gap manufacturer and supplier, at Huaxin we also offer cut CD-shaped magnetic core, ISDN core (integrated services digital network), Split Core Current Transformer , and more.

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