Rectangular Transformer Core

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Rectangular Transformer Core

This rectangular transformer core takes 0.23, 0.27 and other cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel introduced from Japan as the raw materials, and it features low core loss, low magnetic leakage and high permeability. Our product is made by winding the silicon steel strip, and then vacuum annealing or continuous tunnel kiln annealing in inert gas atmosphere is carried out. Meanwhile, the core is fixed by clamping device to guarantee the levelness and perpendicularity of both inner and outer windows. The structure and appearance facilitate installation, and our product also has some advantages of toroidal type. Based on these, this product is widely accepted in some special products, and it is also suitable for transformer, mutual inductor, electric reactor, choking coil, etc. In addition, different specifications are provided depending on customer's request.

Huaxin is an experienced rectangular transformer core manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as R-shaped iron transformer core, anti-DC current transformer, amorphous metal ribbon, and current transformer core.

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