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Electricity Meter Current Transformer

This electricity meter current transformer adopts epoxy resin molding encapsulation, and great mechanical and insulation properties are guaranteed. Most of the cores are made of Fe-Ni alloy, nanocrystalline and other new materials, and these materials possess low loss and high initial permeability. Our product has high precision level, and the ratio error is better than 0.1% while phase error is less than 5′. This product is suitable for electronic electricity meter.

Technical Parameters

Model Electrical Properties Overall Dimensions (mm)
Rated Current (A) Secondary Current (mA) Burden Resistance (Ω) Accuracy A B C D E F G
CT191 20-100 5-20 5-20 0.1-0.5 30 32 32 20 15 10 24
CT192 10-50 5-20 5-20 0.1-0.5 30.8 30.8 22.8 22 14.5
CT201 10-80 2-10 2-10 0.1-0.5 78 8.5 18 28 67.5 13.5
CT211 1.5-10 2-10 2-10 0.1-0.5 23 33 87 95

Electronic electricity meter takes real-time samples of voltage and current in the circuit, and then the data is revealed by a meter or digital display screen. Due to the high voltage of the circuit, direct measurement is very dangerous, and current transformer should be installed for the purpose of current conversion and electric isolation. The electronic electricity meter is widely applied in industries and daily lives, so the electricity meter current transformer is also in big demand, and we can provide such products. All of our products are qualified by relevant test circuits, and the performance is safe and reliable. In addition, our products have different shapes, colors and sizes which give customers many choices.

As an experienced electricity meter current transformer manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers Split Core Current Transformer , precision micro current transformer, cobalt-based amorphous ribbon, and magnetic core of protection switch, among others.

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