R-Shaped Iron Transformer Core

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R-Shaped Iron Transformer Core

R-shaped iron transformer core is made of 0.23, 0.27 and other cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel produced in Japan, and it has round cross-section and rectangular window. A continuous curve strip is winded along the magnetic circuit direction, and the circuit is closed completely, and excellent magnetic property is obtained. There is no air gap in the magnetic circuit, and the magnetostriction force can be absorbed easily. After strict annealing process, our product features low loss, small magnetic leakage, improved permeability, low noise level, small temperature variation, and good overload fluctuation performance. Meanwhile, R type winding machine is applied to increase winding speed, and high production efficiency is ensured. This transformer core is suitable for transformer, mutual inductor, electric reactor, choking coil and others. In addition, different specifications are supplied based on customer's requirements.

Our company is a specialized R-shaped iron transformer core manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products, including cut CD-shaped magnetic core, electricity meter current transformer, switching power supply magnetic core, and more.

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