Cut CD-Shaped Magnetic Core

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Cut CD-Shaped Magnetic Core

This cut CD-shaped magnetic core is made of 0.1, 0.23, 0.27, 0.35 and other cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel introduced from Japan. Due to the compact winding, annealing with clamping device, entire dipping, positioning cutting, and end face polishing by imported high precision grinding machine, our product gains smooth and beautiful appearance. Meanwhile, the end face is processed with special rust proof and noise control treatments, so rust and noise are avoided. The core loss and no load current are strictly controlled and tested according to the Chinese standard for grade Ι product. A closed magnetic circuit is formed by combining two parts together. This product is applicable for transformer, mutual inductor, electric reactor, choking coil, etc. In addition, a complete series of magnetic cores are supplied including CD, ED, SD, BCD, and nonstandard types with various dimensions are also provided depending on customer's request.

As a professional cut CD-shaped magnetic core manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide toroidal transformer core, high power transformer core, cobalt-based amorphous ribbon, and Split Core Current Transformer , among others.

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