Electric Potential Transformer

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Electric Potential Transformer

The electrical potential transformer is fully closed and encapsulated with epoxy resin coating. This provides the transformer with outstanding mechanical performance, environmental resistance, and good voltage insulation property. Light and small, the electrical potential transformer is not only beautifully designed, but easy to install as well. As most iron cores of the transformer are made of new magnetic materials of high initial permeability such as iron-nickel alloy and nanocrystalline, the electrical potential transformer has good output linearity and high precision. Note that under PCB installation mode, current limiting resistors will be needed at primary winding.

The electric potential transformer can be used in electrical transducer, electronic power energy meter, precision power meter, electrical power monitoring instruments, voltage monitoring and measurement, etc.

Electrical Specifications and Dimensions of Electric Potential Transformer

Input Voltage Current Ratio (Ω) Burden Resistance Accuracy A B C D E F G
PT011 100V 150V 220V 380V 450V 0.5mA/0.5mA 100 ±0.1% 20 17 14 14 13 4 0.8
PT012 1mA/1mA 100 ±0.1% 18 17 16 13 13 4 0.8
PT013 1mA/1mA 100 ±0.1% 18 18 17 13 14 4 0.8
PT014 2mA/2mA 100 ±0.1% 19 17 19 10 13 4 0.8
PT015 2mA/2mA 100 ±0.1% 22 19 19 10 13 4 0.8
PT016 2mA/2mA 100 ±0.1% 22 19 20 10 13 4 0.8

As a specialized electric potential transformer manufacturer and supplier based in China, Huaxin also supplies energy meter current transformer, iron based nanocrystalline strip, power supply transformer iron core, and much more.

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