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Split Core Current Transformer

The split core current transformer well designed, and it allows convenient installation. It features small volume, low price and high linearity, and the signal detection can be carried out on site without removing primary circuit or cutting off power supply. Our product is applicable in many fields, such as portable instrument, electricity meter, current measurement, relay protection, motor control, electricity detection device, dynamical system, intelligent electric control cabinet, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model Electrical Properties Overall Dimensions (mm)
Rated Current Range (recommended) Max. Current Turn Accuracy Burden Resistance (Ω) Frequency (Hz) A B C D E
CT231-30M-LA 10mA~75A 120A 3000 0.5~3% 10 20~400 24.7 10 26 39.5
CT233-30M-LA 10mA~80A 120A 31.7 16 31 45
CT233-31M-LA 10mA~120A 200A 43.5 12 31.5 31.5 55.5
CT233-32M-LA 10mA~250A 350A 40.5 25 42.5 18.5 69.5

Split Core Current Transformer is used for current measurement and microcomputer protection of electric equipment in power system, and it is widely applied in compact insulated ring network switch cabinets. It can be installed on the connected input and output cables directly which is very convenient, and a beautiful appearance is obtained because it fits the cables perfectly. It is also suitable for combined type substation and cable distribution box. Our current transformer adopts high permeability material to manufacture the core, and the magnetic circuit loss is low. The core and windings are encapsulated in flame retarding plastic cover. Thus, the stable performance and moisture proof property are guaranteed, and maintenance is not a must.

We are a China-based Split Core Current Transformer manufacturer and supplier. We offer a wide range of products, including transformer, amorphous metal, amorphous / nanocrystalline core, silicon steel core, and more.

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