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We can supply different kinds of silicon steel cores, such as toroidal type, air gap type and many others. Silicon steel is an indispensable soft magnetic alloy in electric power system, electronic and military industries, and it is the main material for cores in motor, generator and transformer. It can be divided into two categories, cold rolled type and hot rolled type. The cold rolled type contains two subclasses, grain oriented and non-oriented. In strong magnetic field, the cold rolled silicon steel possesses low core loss as well as high saturation flux density, and it shows good magnetism even in weak magnetic field. So, its performance is better than the hot rolled type. On the other hand, when compared with the non-oriented type, the grain oriented silicon steel shows strong magnetic field directivity, and it also has outstanding low loss as well as high permeability in the rolling direction that can get magnetized easily. Based on these, our products are all made of high quality cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel.

As a specialized silicon steel core manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a vast range of products, including toroidal transformer core, metal core of electronic transformer, 660V power distribution current transformer, amorphous metal ribbon, and much more.

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